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We have been offered a 1000 x 750 OxCNC machine. It originally cost over £1000, Its for sale for £800, and the seller is willing to knock £50 off to make the total £750 if the Hackspace buys it.

This has a much larger and beefier frame than the shapeoko2 and should be able to cut wood and plastic easily, aluminium fairly easily, and steel very slowly.

Location wise, this could fit where the current CNC table is, and not take up massively more room.


Its bed is big enough that we can use it to build a few things that would be useful for the space:

Pledge Target £750.00

Bob Clough           £100 - Paid Ref CNCPLODGE Richard Westwell     £100 - Paid to HacMan - Reference CNCPLEGE - 27/11/2017 Phil C               £100 Michael              £50  - Paid to HacMan - Reference CNCPLEGE-29/11/17 Phil C + Bob         £200 (via some commercial work, with proceeds donated to the space) Matt Fisher          £100 - Paid to HacMan - Reference CNCPLEGE - 29/11/2017 Simon Davis          £100 - Paid to HacMan - Reference CNCPLEGE - 28/11/2017

Running Total £750

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Last update: August 13, 2020