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Press Break

So, we've been offered a rather nice press break for folding metal - the only problem is, it's in London and we'd have to pick it up!

These things weigh over 100kg, and are designed for folding metal sheets to specific angles. This would make a great addition to the hackspace, as we're slowly building out the metalworking space, and this is an essential item in a metalworking shop if you're wanting to fabricate lots of different items without cutting and welding lots.

We believe it's a straight folder like the one on that page, and if we can get it 'free', or really, for the cost of delivery, that would be a huge saving on a new one.

As it weighs rather a lot, we'd be looking to rent a van to go there and back (a transit will likely do fine).

Fahad has said he's happy to do the run, so we just need to pledge drive!


I estimate these costings:

Expense Cost
One Day Transit Van Hire £40
Fuel £45
Total £ £85


Name Amount Status
garlicbread £20 Paid
Greg £25 Paid
@RisottoGroupon (Darren) £20 Paid
@muteduck (Michael) £20 Paid
Total £85

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Last update: August 13, 2020