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Soldering Station

The hot-air gun on our soldering station is broken and we need a new one. We've been offered one of these ones from farnell at a slight cheaper than usual price, but only today!

This pledge drive is to pay for buying one of these solder stations, with anything left over going into buying SMT assembly & soldering equipment to go with it.

Pledge Target £120.00

If people could please transfer their pledges to the hackspace bank account with the reference HOTAIR to pay that'd be great.

If anyone needs the bank details who doesnt have them, just log into the members site and go to the page at for the details.

Ben Dooks £20- PAID CASH Bob Clough £15- PAID BANK TRANSFER Kimball Johnson £20 Kat Reeve £10- PAID CASH Tas Kay £10- PAID BANK TRANSFER Alex Lang £10- PAID BANK TRANSFER Will Jessop £10 Constantin Popp £5- PAID, by banky transfery Jim MacArthur £10- PAID, by bank transfer Mark Ashworth £10 Tony Goacher £20 - PAID Tagbits bank transfer

Running Total £140

Remaining £0.00

Things bought

Soldering Station 3 x Snips

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Last update: August 13, 2020