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Our grey soldering station has been faulty for a while and has now been sent to the great tip in the sky. This has left us with one working soldering iron on the electronics bench.


I propose we buy a PS-900 induction based soldering station, giving us a much improved soldering experience. The PS900 provides automatic temperature control (so no fiddling with the temperature), improved tip lifetime, automatic sleep on holstering and rugged design. These come with the recommendation of several members who are using them in their personal and professional capabilities.

The pledge is to buy 1 of PS900 soldering stations.

Update 2016-01-07

I have found a ps-800 on ebay for £110 including postage. It is the forerunner to the ps-900, and takes the same handles / tips.

Pledge Target £190.00£110.00

Ben Dooks                £10 (paid by cash) Alexander Lang           £20 Bob Clough               £20 Harvinder Atwal          £20 - Paid Bank Gregory Morris           £15 - Paid by cash Fahad Sadah              £20 Tamarisk Kay             £5

Running Total £110

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Last update: August 13, 2020