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Wood Lathe Startup

We now have the wood lathe almost ready for use. We have the lathe set up and bolted down to a secured table, and it's now running. But we're missing bits to make it fully ready for members to dive in and use it.

First of all, we need some good carbide tools. These are safer to use and easier to replace the bits on them than steel tools that may require more care for starting users.

Ian, an experianced wood worker, has suggested this set and it seems sensible to keep a box of the cutters spare too - Three Chisel Set. This will come to £91+ any shipping

We also need face shields as material turned on the lathe can quickly become a projectile. Three seems a sensible number (one for a trainee, one for a trainer, one for a person training to be a trainer). These face shields look to be good quality, and also have splash/liquid and moltern metal protection, so it should be able to cope with use while turning items on the lathe. This will come to £33+ £5 p&p.

So, total to get the wood lathe up and running for use is going to be £129

Pledge Target £129

Ian Norton - £20

Andy Grady - £20 - paid

Richard - £20 - paid

Tom Stewardson - £20 - paid

Irene Walker - £20

Alex - £50 - paid

Running Total £150

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Last update: August 13, 2020