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B-MO Mk.II is a completed version of my B-MO Project based off the B-MO Mk.I prototype to hold an iPad 3 inside it's body and act as a screen. The iPad uses a video looping app to loop a video of B-MO's face, blinking and talking to the viewer. The iPad slides in and out of the body from the top, allowing for removal for charging or other usage. Audio is output using two X-Mi X Mini II speakers daisy-chained together to boost the volume in crowded areas.


  • Animated face
  • Audio speech (based on pre-recorded lines)
  • Manual moving arms


pieces marked and ready for cutting. B-MO Mk.I can be seen behind. of the pieces is done with wood glue and left in a brace overnight. is applied to the body and the buttons placed on the front. Lettering is also added on the sides. and legs are added using sticky pads and the iPad is inserted to display the animated face.

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Last update: August 22, 2020