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B-MO Mk.III is a new version in my B-MO Project based off the B-MO Mk.II version, with a variety of upgrades and new features. The iPad used in Mk.II has been removed and a 7" TFT LCD screen has replaced it. In combination with a Raspberry Pi and a number of Teensy 2.0 microcontrollers, input can be taken from the buttons on the front of B-MO and run actions to show on the display (eg. pressing the green button will make B-MO say a positive response, while the red button will provide a negative response). In addition to this, two TowerPro SG90 servos will be used to move the arms on each side of B-MO, giving 90° movement up and down when an action is given. The USB ports at the front allow for controllers to be plugged in and send inputs to the Raspberry Pi, such as directional inputs for playing a game. The Rasbperry Pi camera module will be connected to the Raspberry Pi and can take photographs on an action which is then saved to the internal storage for later uploading.


  • Animated face
  • Audio speech and responses (based on pre-recorded lines)
  • Automatic moving arms using servos (90° up or down)
  • Camera module to take photos
  • Buttons to activate actions in program
  • USB ports to attach controllers
  • Ability to play emulated ROMs


.scad file of the body, which will be 3D printed using the Mendel90.

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Last update: August 22, 2020