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Hacker Management System. Haxor teh gibson.

Basic system plans

Aim for PHP 5.3+, Apache 2.2+ and MySQL.

Development Plan

  1. Users can register with information we need to register a member. They are then emailed a password.
  2. Users can log in using their credentials. username or email plus password. Once logged in they can see a page with their information, and the hackspace bank details for setting up standing orders.
  3. Users can update information stored against themselves. This includes RFID# and nickname.
  4. Users can have permissions attached the their account. Default permissions include 'member'=true, 'admin'=false, 'open inner door'=true and 'open outer door'=true
  5. Admins can edit other user's information + permissions
  6. RFID systems can pull back a csv file with all 'members' with a 'open door' permission. This is added to ALFRED and ALVIN for access to the space.
  7. Add link to allow user to set up gocardless payments for membership fees.
  8. API. If API user has user privileges, allow them to update their own details. If they have admin privileges, allow them to update anyone's details + permissions.

Once API is up

  • Have kiosk machine set up with RFID reader so users can easily update their RFID details.
  • For users using GoCardless, Automatically say if a user is a member or not depending on when their last membership payment was received. If they are not a member they lose the member permission.
  • For users with bank transfer, do the same thing.
  • Snackspace Kiosk integration.


Last update: August 22, 2020