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Luminch One

Current Status - Prototype working.



Action Status
Parts List Complete
Ordering Parts Complete
Check LED power requirements Didn't check
Assembled Complete
Code Complete
Prototype Complete

Stage 2

Action Status
Parts List Not made
More powerful LED Not fitted
Wood Base Not made
Lampshade Not made
Arduino replacement
Power for Arduino replacement

Project Aim

This part of a larger project to get started in electronics, arduino programming, basic woodwork and paper craft. This is essentially the Luminch One

The aim of this project is to create a device that

  • Uses IR to control a lamp
  • Runs off the mains like a lamp
  • Have a decent lampshade design so it can actually be used
  • Replace arduino with cheaper, more permanent alternative


  • Any Arduino or compatible hardware
  • Super bright LED
  • IR distance sensor
  • Wood and Tracing paper


The link to the original design has better schematics then I can make but they are posted here for your convenience. - Fancy diagram - Schematic - Photo of prototype


As before the source code to control the lamp from the IR input is posted in the original link. - Arduino source code


Last update: August 22, 2020