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Project Aim

To build an arcade cabinet capable of running MAME for use in the hackspace.

Project Members


  • 21" CRT Monitor [parag0n]
  • Athlon XP 3000+ PC with 256mb RAM
  • iPac keyboard encoder [parag0n]
  • Empty arcade cabinet [tallscreen]


Work Log

August 2010

Version 1 of the arcade machine was completed in mid 2010. The parts were all fitted, the PC rebuilt,

18th September 2010

On Software Freedom Day 2010, Bob did a live hack-a-thon, building a teensy based RFID unit for the arcade machine. This allowed him to scan his RFID tag, and automatically sent through 10 credits to the current game. The unit shows up to the PC as a USB keyboard, and sends through the credits by 'pressing' 5 repeatedly.

Late 2011

During the workshop refit in late 2011, the arcade machine was damaged. The chipboard shelf holding up the monitor snapped off the dowels that were holding it in place, so the monitor glass and monitor were removed while repairs were made.

8th February 2012

Bob, Paul, and Tom spend a Wednesday evening rebuilding the arcade cabinet. The old monitor shelf was replaced with a fixed shelf made of 2 sheets of 18mm plywood, and the speakers were rewired to use a new amp as the old one had been nicked for the workshop sound system. All the wiring was tidied up and an extension lead properly fixed inside.

The RFID system has been removed, and is being rebuilt to be a bit more flexible.


Last update: August 22, 2020