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Hardware v02



The schematic has now been edited to a modular fashion to make it easier to read, and to edit seperate parts without messing with routing wires. Also, removed the SPI interface. NB - Pins have been re-arranged, and will need to be changed in the program to reflect this.



The PCB now uses vary few top layer items - infact it only uses 5 tracks, which can easily be replaced with wire jumpers. The layout has also been re-arranged, moving the power supply up to the top right, underneath the screen. This gives a cleaner front layout, and keeps the bottom half free of large components apart from controls. Also, with the removal of the SPI interface, the routing has been made much easier.

The track width has also been changed - using 0.05 (50mil?) track width for power and ground, and 0.032 (32mil?) for signal wires.

Also, using a ground plane, partially to learn how to use it, but also for the numerous benefits including improved noise resistance.

Category:Madlab projects

Last update: August 22, 2020