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PCB Manufacturers

Seeedstudios Fusion

10 boards at $9.99 the lot (for up to 5cm x 5cm) or $25 the lot (for up to 10cm x 10cm). + $4 shipping

Has options for thickness etc.

Will route slots and funny shapes.

Takes 14-21 days from order to delivery (in my experience (Parag0n))

Stickleback (formerly Spirit)

1 square foot with as many of your PCBs as will fit for £70 + £15 shipping.

UK manufacturer.

Quoted as 10 working days from order to delivery

Dorkbot - Laen's PCB Order

3 boards at $5/square inch + $15 shipping

US Manufacturer

Manufacture time is 9 days after the order deadline, Then it ships airmail, so another 5 days ish?


160*100: €30 + €5.50

320*200: €120 + €5.50

Manufacture time is 5 days, shipping time is a further 4 or 5 days

Will only cut to rectangle shapes.


Last update: August 22, 2020