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Team Procurement

We are the buying team!

We manage what the space buys, to make sure people have what they need.

We specifically look after purchasing for Snackspace, The Shop which sells bits for hacking such as arduinos and laser cuttable materials, and Consumables for throughout the space.

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Accounts and Accountability

As the procurement team, we're given budgets for different aspects of the space, and are held accountable by three bodies - the treasurer, The Board, and the membership in the MMMM in which we report, monthly, on a monday, in a meeting with the membership.


Snackspace's budget is £200 per snackspace run, aiming for smaller shopping sprees to limit the chance of loss through items passing their sell-by dates.

The current Consumables budget is £30 per month, and that includes parts, repairs, etc to equipment.

Any spending above those amounts for any reason requires board approval.

Reimbursements and Receipts

Where possible, it's prefered that a board member pays using the company debit card, and as soon as reasonably practicable photographs the receipt and sends it to - this reduces the load on the treasurer for reimbursements.

Where a board member isn't available, photos of receipts and bank details for reimbursements should be sent to as quickly as possible - the maximum time allowed between the purchase and the receipts being submitted is one month, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

This allows us to manage cash flow and budgets, and makes sure we have transparency on what we spend as a hackspace. It also helps us to report correctly to the MMMM.

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Last update: August 22, 2020