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Team Template


Introduction to the group, what the group does, and how to get involved.


A brief outline of some (or all) of the equipment your team looks over, and projects being undertaken (such as new equipment being made, an outing, classes being run, etc).

Equipment Wanted

Many teams will likely have a wish list of items they would like for the hackspace - either as donations if people are getting rid of equipment, or for pledge drives to be run to raise the funds. This is a great way to show the direction that the teams want to take the hackspace in, and allows people to see how the hackspace can and does progress and grow. Good examples of equipment that has moved from the Wanted list to actually being acquired include the Overlocker, Horizontal Bandsaw, and the Tenma Rework Station.

You can pull this information through from the Tools Wishlist using Section Transclusion, allowing your page to be updated when the wishlist is updated. We advise including an introductory paragraph that explains the list's purpose, and links to the Tools Wishlist page so it can be easily found and edited.


Many spaces will have Consumables that they use, and need kept in stock. To make it easy for members to see what is a consumable in a given area, it might be useful to use Section Transclusion to pull that information through from the Consumables page.

See Also

This would be a good place to place links to the area of the hackspace the team looks after, and any projects, training, and other useful pages.

We also suggest you add this navbox to help people to navigate through the teams.

As for categories, we suggest that you use both the Teams category and one for your team in particular as a child category to Teams, to allow you to keep all your pages together - such as equipment, training, and projects.


Last update: August 22, 2020