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Members System User Guide

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Hackspace Membership System

The Member system streamlines most of the membership functions of the Hackspace Exisiting members can easily edit their profile, update their RFID tag, amend their direct debit details including Bank Account Details, Payment amount etc, Pay for snackspace, laser costs, 3D print filament costs and any other required charges, sort inductions for most equipment (this is a 2 step process), Manage Members Storage and more! The getting started guide below gives you some more in-depth details on the sysytem and how to use it.

Signing up

If you'd like to join Hackspace Manchester, you can sign up at

When you've signed up, you'll be asked to set up a Direct Debit with our payment provider, GoCardless. We will not see any of your bank or card details, this is all done securely by GoCardless.

When you have set up a payment, you will be posted a fob to the address you entered when you signed up. Instructions are enclosed onto how to get going, but can be found at

Access and logging in

To access the members system visit and click the login button. If this is your first time using the system you will need to reset your password. To do this click the reset password option on the login screen to receive an email link allowing you to reset your password.

**Note the email address used for you is the current one we have in the old member system (the one you will of used when signing up. If this is out of date and you cannot access it please contact us via the Hackspace Helpdesk **

Your Members Page

Once logged in your members page will appear and look like the below.

From this page you can see at a glance:

  • What equipment you have been inducted for
  • Breakdown of the payments you have made including your membership payment and any payments done via the system for snackspace. laser etc - You will also see an option to switch your direct debit to a variable one (you will need to do this if you want to top up your balance using direct debit or if you want to amend/change your direct debit)
  • Cancel your account/Leave the Hackspace You can also edit your account details and your members displayed profile (see below)

Editing your Account and adding RFID tags

To edit your account details click the Edit button and change the details you wish to change then click update.

To add an RFID fob to your account scroll to the bottom of the edit profile, click on the white box under the text and scan your fob with the reader in the space (or any compatible phone or rfid reader you have lying around) to enter your fob UID then click Add a new fob to save this.

Adding a profile picture or profile information This information is visible to all members so please only add details you wish to share. On the left hand menu click the gear icon next to Your Membership and then click edit your profile

add whatever information you want including adding a picture and then click save

NOTE: Currently Photos require an admin to approve (awaiting a code change) Your photo won't display automatically until one of the administrators click a button

Managing your Balance

This is where you can manage your balance to pay for snackspace, laser time etc.

Click Manage my Balance on the left hand menu and the balance screen will load.

To top up using direct debit enter the amount you wish to top up by and click Top up under the Add Credit Box. ( Note for this to work you will need to be on a variable direct debit see above)

For Cash top ups its a similar process but make sure you use the Box that says Cash topup and click the Add Credit button

To take money off your balance for Snackspace enter the amount in the Snackspace expenditure box and click Pay Now. this will take the amount off your current balance.

Negative Balances are supported up to a maximum of -£25 however use of this is not encouraged

You will also be able to see your balance and payment history from this page alongside your current balance.

Members Storage

To help improve members storage the system supports the ability to claim your box (shelf/cube in our case) each cube/shelf of members storage in the space now has a laser cut number on it. This number refers to the ID number in the members storage system

To Claim your space. Click on Members Storage on the left hand menu and simply find the corresponding number and click claim.

If you no longer need your members storage space or you are leaving the hackspace please ensure you return the space by clicking the button

If you are currently violating member storage rules by having more than one cube or 1/2 a shelf please ensure you rectify this as you might otherwise find your stuff is moved so members without spaces can claim a space

Tools & Equipment

The Tools & Equipment page lists (most) of the tools around the Hackspace and those are require an induction (because they either are bloody dangerous or because they are expensive or both are listed under tools that need induction)

Each tool/piece of equipment has its own record under this page that contains details on the tool, links to instruction manuals etc and it is this page that you would use to pay for usage where appropriate or to request training (this is a 2 step process see sub section below)

Requesting Induction/Training For a tool eg the Laser that requires an induction to use click on the tool name under the tools & equipment page. Scroll down to the section that reads " To use this piece of equipment an access fee and an induction is required. The access fee goes towards equipment maintenance"" click the Pay now button to pay the access fee EVEN IF THE ACCESS FEE IS £0 you must click the pay now button for the system to register you as requiring an induction

Once you have done the above use the helpdesk at to request an induction giving us the necessary information eg when you are free etc. You can also use the appropriate telegram group (eg Laser Training, 3D Print etc)

Once you have been inducted a trainer will update your account on the members system and you will appear on the list of trained users.

Trainers and maintainers for each piece of equipment appears on the equipment page too.

Paying for Usage To pay for usage of certain equipment eg the laser for the moment (soon this will be completely automated using your fob) simply visit the tool /equipment page in the example below we use the laser. Scroll down to section that reads "While the access control systems are unavailable you can make a payment for your usage of the equipment below" and enter the amount you wish to pay in the box and click pay now. This will log the amount.

Soon (Hopefully) you will be able to simply scan your fob on the laser to start the job/timer and the same to stop it which will record the usage time of the laser and the cost (and automatically update your balance)


As with all new systems something is bound to go wrong, if you experience any issues using the system. If you are missing from any tools (eg if you have been inducted but not listed) simply contact us via the Hackspace Helpdesk