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Present all


  • Micro-USB cables - CH
  • Insurance!! - all
  • Chem cabinet - all
  • Risk assessments - all
  • Bank account - BC/TK
  • Bookmarks - BC to talk to previous designer AFTER move

Departmental updates:

Infrastructure - BC/BD

  • Laser Cutter up and running
  • Dishwasher installed

Purchasing - CH/BD

  • Things have been bought, nothing particularly spectacular.
  • Keep an eye on consumables budget

Membership - KR

  • Sotira Trifourki
  • reclaimed all of their membership payments via DD guarantee for the whole time they were a member. This has not been resolved the person in question may not re-enter the space.
  • CH to submit small claims request for return of monies.
  • Banned - subject to repayment of monies owed, and future payments being made via cash.

Passed - unanimous.

  • Rohan Bokhoree
  • abuse of space, request has been submitted that they not be allowed to return. IF they re-apply to become a member we will re-visit this.

Passed - unanimous


Update on actions:

document how things work

Started this process

  • wiki updates
  • signs for actions e.g. how to put bins out

talk to Sarah about accounts.

TK - done, she's not available. Need a new plan.

Business Cards - TK

  • not yet completed.


Grievance policy raised by KR

Needs to be looked at in a longer form than we could in a single meeting.

CH to lead on fleshing out a grievance policy.

Change of voting procedures to allow voting via either email or telegram, to be applied to all votes from inception of board raised by KR

Passed: unanimous

Insurance raised by TK

  • we need to change several things in the document and go back to the broker to see what impact that has on the quote.
  • whole board to action within the next 10 days.

Passed: unanimous

Lone worker policy raised by KR

  • we need one
  • we need to implement it
  • to be actioned within the next 10 days
  • BC to lead

Space 3 raised by BC

  • consolidate the existing suggested spaces lists into a spreadsheet (KR will lead):
  • geographical area
  • square footage
  • price
  • letting agent
  • put a shout out for members to join in with operation find a new space
  • get deets from consolidated list so we can start doing viewings