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Individual Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

The Committee shall act on behalf of the Board of Directors to carry out, although not
exclusively, the following functions:-

1.1 to manage the day to day administration of Membership Management;

1.2 to review membership procedures, policies and processes;

1.3 to carry out regular membership engagement activities;

1.4 to maintain relationships with existing members

1.5 to consider and approve a programme of non equipment specific inductions;

1.6 to assist the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Finance Sub-Committee to
   formulate any changes to the membership structure or fees;

1.7 to deal with in a timely all correspondence from members or potential members;

1.8 to ensure that there is compliance with all General Data Protection Regulations.

1.9 to administer the Members Meetings.

1.10 to administer Members Storage

2. Membership

The Committee shall be made up of: a Chair, who shall not be a Board Member, 2 Board
Members and no fewer than 2 (two) additional Members.

3. Frequency of meetings

The Committee shall meet not less quarterly unless requested by the Board of Directors

4. Authority

This committee is authorised to:
   Access the Membership and Help-desk systems
   Engage with Members directly