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Hackspace Manchester

Board Meeting Minutes

16 August 2020 / 15:00 / Virtual

### Meeting started 15:21
### Present Mike | Rossy | Grayson | Ben | Ellan Joined at 4pm

#### Finance
Finance Update –

Update Not provided. Redelegated to Grayson to get a member update together. Bank Balance stands at £12,150 Action – Finance Calendar to be put together for Finance (Mike)

Bank Mandate –

Awaiting Update from Ellan on the progress of this. – Board to discuss with ellan if she wants to continue progressing the manadate and current status of it.

Finance –

Payments to be done – approved

Co-op Bank Account –

Take Action on this, close it and move standing orders to the current bank account (FSC)

Spending Money on the Space –

Board agree to commit £5000 to spending on the space. This will be broken down to £1000 for Woody Dusty, £1000 for Metal Working, £1000 for Visual Arts, £1000 for Electronics and £1000 for General Space Expenditure. – Board Approval unanimous – Ross will action the process for this

Discussion on the electrical box took place –

agreed to box it in place and move on with the building on slackspace


Governance Review

Started Governance Review including a Governance Audit which has started today.

Mike Stepping Down

Mike has decided to step down which will be at the next election cycle.

EGM, Election Timetable & AGM

Discussion on the EGM proposal took place and board noted that no formal requests have yet been made however that we should continue to take action to resolve the issues raised

Board agreed to elections beginning in October to allow us time to complete the governance review and hold an General Meeting in September, Board realise this a slight delay than normal but the timescales will allow for improvements in governance at all levels

Discussion around holding an AGM in September (Date to be confirmed) as an Annual General Meeting to discuss changes to the constitution

Returning Officer will be appointed at the AGM to start the election cycle.

Items Raised by Members

Dumping of Stuff in the Space

Action to be taking to ensure that the space stop becoming a storage unit // Rossy to email members currently breaching Large Project Storage asking them to remove it and a general notice to go out that we plan on clearing the space in November this gives people the chance to remove their stuff by then or it will be disposed off

Membership Engagement

This is a wider topic for discussion for next meeting however agreement from the board that new members will need to conduct a new member induction on the membership system prior to their fobs being live. This is a very simple process of reading a page on the members system and ticking a box to confirm.

Infrastructure Sub Committee

Memberships approved for this subcommittee by the board

Meeting Ended 16:58