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Hackspace Manchester Board Meeting Minutes

11 December 2018 / 19:00 / Philip Park Fire Station /

Meeting started 19:02

Review of Minutes from Last Meeting / Action Points

Minutes approved - Everyone

Discussion about Venue ambulances and fire engine noises take place


Bank Mandate - Progress - Greg goes aaaaah, isn’t yet completed due to other life events and deadlines Action: Greg to go speak to barclays

Accountant - Costs Action: Still to get this sorted discussion went off on tangent around procurement processes and prepaid cards. Action: Greg to speak to Barclays. Other options to be investigated.

Annual Accounts Sign off - We don’t have them yet - Action Someone to ask Kimball about them - Greg was well volunteered for this.

Approval of Procurement List - Discussion on the procurement list took place including gloves. Procurement List was approved.

Electric Bill - Discussion on Maria’s email - where is the meter that is taking this measurement, do the readings given by northern match up with the one off the meter into the unit… Greg has technical questions eg what is the rate and are we being billed for real power only or imaginary power. (Agree to pay outstanding over the next 12 months plus each month going forward) - Action: Ellen to draft email to maria and let board see prior to it being sent.


Board Development - Next Steps - Deferred to the next meeting in February


New Member System - Update. - System going well, next big thing will be the 15th when everything should be up to date based on the new system and not relying on imported data, turn off old server (Though current note there is an issue with it)

Code of Conduct / Members Warnings - Review of the CoC to be carried out. - Action: Board Session to go over CoC and Process to happen in January prior to that board members reviews

Group Storage - Policy required? - Member asked how to claim a box for a group project Greg has a proposal to how to manage this. A group can request the board acknowledges them as a group. Must have 2 members associated with the group, a group must meet & access their box at least once PCM and must have at least 2 or 3 group members at this meeting.

Action: Greg to write up guidelines for this based on the above discussion

Items raised by Membership / Follow on from MMMM

CNC Pledge Request - Email from Richard, No Longer needed. Re Reimbursment - Chris to action chasing up of pledges/making payments.


Next Meeting - this will take place on the 5 February 2018

Code of Conduct - Mid Jan (W/B 14th Jan date to be agreed via telegram)

Response to Cone’s Post - Discussion took place - Action Rossy to response to conors posts from the board, (Woody Dusty Induction Sheet, video and quiz)

Budget Expenditure - Board Approved up to £100 for Mag Lock for woody dusty.

Open Evening - How to guarantee members being there discussion took place regarding this decided to defer this to the membership sub committee. 26/2ND JAN OPEN EVENING CANCELLED. Action Rossy to update website, Mike to update meetup