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Machine Safety Introduction:

  • Be cautious of hot surfaces, CNC motion, flying debris, sharp elements, electrocution, strong magnets, and damaged tools.

Pre-Print Checks:

  • Ensure extruder tip is clean
  • Ensure bed is clean
  • Check cleanliness and power status.

Loading/Unloading Filament:

Do not forcefully pull filament from the extruder
  • Navigate to "Filament" on the printer and follow all instructions

Prepare the Print Bed:

  • Check for damage, attach bed, and clean if needed.
  • Avoid printing PETG on smooth PEI (use the rough bed)

Starting a Print:

  • Navigate and start print, monitor initial layers, and cancel if issues arise.

Removing a Print:

  • Wait for bed to cool, remove magnetic bed, and clean.

Post-print Housekeeping:

  • Unload filament, record weight, load Hackspace PLA, turn off printer, pay if needed, and return tools.