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Board Meeting Minutes

  • Date: 2018-02-06 19:00
  • Present: All


What we do

  • Pay the rent, pay the bills, do the things that need doing
  • We provide a point people can come to to express concerns (behaviour, use of tools...)
  • We liaise with professional organisations
  • TLDR: all the boring stuff

Chair / Secretary

  • We need a chair in the event of an AGM/EGM
  • Chair - Tas
  • Aye from all
  • Secretary - work it out as we go along

Standups - do we need them?

  • Not for the moment
  • Trello board is working well
  • Can use hashtags in the board chat for current TODO reminders
  • Look for better use of trello board

Adjourns for food

Fotune cookie: Soon you will be sitting on top of the world

Discussion on physics or rotating the universe

Frequency of board meetings

  • We could attempt hangouts in order to fit them in
  • Thursdays are a good day for us
  • Every two months on a Thursday
  • Next one bookedi n for 3rd May 19:00

Budgets and pre-paid cards

  • Next time
  • Form posted for cards

PSC Register

  • Person of Significant Control - annual return
  • Becomes due by end of March and is due end of April
  • By that point, depending on insurance, all PSC's will be Directors


  • Due to confusion of insurers where two colleagues ended up working on the quote, there's been delays but Cone is chasing them up
  • Action: keep poking


  • it is being implemented, we have the policy and are updating the new one
  • Action: To look at

Funding form

  • Signed and returned


  • Next time
  • Bob on it getting a sample policy, hopefully for next time
  • Discussion on website and member system compliance
  • Action: remind members to have emergency details up to date! if none set then membership will be suspended until we have them.

Complaints from membership

  • Board discussed two issues raised by members
  • Warning issued to one
  • Continually monitoring of other


  • Member Storage
  • Action: convert the guidelines into a coherent ruleset, present to next MMMM, get approval from members and then the guidelines will become rules
  • Action: make red labels
  • Fight over lamination of them
  • next MMMM on 26th
  • Member conduct
  • Action: Chris to make spreadsheet
  • Mice
  • Hygiene in space

Meeting ends

Takeaway was delicious