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Members Storage

To help improve members storage the system supports the ability to claim your box (shelf/cube in our case) each cube/shelf of members storage in the space now has a laser cut number on it. This number refers to the ID number in the members storage system

To Claim your space. Click on Members Storage on the left hand menu and simply find the corresponding number and click claim.

If you no longer need your members storage space or you are leaving the hackspace please ensure you return the space by clicking the button
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If you are currently violating member storage rules by having more than one cube or 1/2 a shelf please ensure you rectify this as you might otherwise find your stuff is moved so members without spaces can claim a space

Members Storage Guidelines

Members Storage

The Member’s storage area is available for members to store projects they are currently working on along with raw materials. We have limited space, so please consider if something needs to be in the space before storing it.

  • Each member is entitled to either a cube or half a shelf of storage in the member’s storage area.

  • Each storage cube is numbered and this space needs to be claimed on the member’s system under the Member’s Storage page.

  • Your items must be completely contained within in a clearly labelled box. The label must state your full name or unique nickname and a way of contacting you e.g. Telegram username or email address. Labels must be visible.

Stored Items Disposal

  • Any unlabelled items found in member’s storage will be put into the three-week boxes, starting in the “Box Of Shame”. If you do this please make sure you post a picture of the item on the mailing list at the same time.

  • Any labelled oversized items left in member’s storage will be moved to large project storage.

  • Unlabelled large items in either of the storage areas will be moved to the ‘free stuff’ area, and may just vanish without warning!

  • Items in large project storage with an expired “Do Not Hack” label will be moved directly to the ‘free stuff’ area, and may just vanish without warning! (You may contact the board or the mailing list if you are unable to come in to stop this happening.)


Large Projects

  • If you’re going to take up a lot of space with a project you must ask on the forum to get consensus from the membership for permission to store your items. It may help if you also link the post in the telegram chat.

  • Oversized items must be stored in the large project storage area in the outer corridor, not in members storage.

  • Oversized items need to be clearly labelled with a Do Not Hack sticker including your name / unique nickname, a method of contacting you and an estimated finish date. If you are going to overshoot this finish date, replace the Do Not Hack sticker with an updated estimate.

Specific Material Storage

  • Storage for specific classes of materials may be allocated within the space. These areas will be clearly marked and all materials stored within them must contain a DNH label showing the owner of the material.

Group Storage

Any group requiring the ability to store their projects in the space may request additional storage space by requesting the board (or a suitable subcommittee nominated by the board) assign the group a space. When making the request the requester must give the following information:

  • The names of at least two space members who are members of the group.

  • The nature of the group and its aims.

  • If the group receives any outside funding.

  • The nature of the articles to be stored.

  • Any requested deviations from the standard conditions.

If the board (or the subcommittee to which these powers are delegated) decide to grant the request for group storage, they will usually impose the following conditions, athough they may be varied at the request of the group.

  • That the group contain at least 2 active members of the space.

  • That the group meet at least 11 times in a year, and at each meeting at least two group members must be present, one of which must be a member of the space. This will be checked by requiring the group to fill out a sheet when they meet.

  • The group must clearly label their box.

  • The group will be limited to one member storage box, and may use large project storage as long as there is one nominated member who is the contact for the item stored.

  • The group must nominate one active member of the space as a primary contact, and one other member of the group as a secondary contact.

  • Should the group not meet the above requirements they have 30 days from being notified to either meet the requirements again (e.g. by finding a different space member to be part of the group), request a change of the conditions (days when this is being considered will not count towards the 30 days), or remove their box. After these 30 days the box may be removed and disposed of as the board see fit.

Expiry of Membership

  • If your membership expires through cancellation or unpaid membership fees your member’s storage will remain in place for 60 days from the last payment date.

  • After the 60 days, your box may be removed and placed on the shelves of shame.

Things you MUST NOT store in the Hackspace

  • Dangerous / Flammable Chemicals.

  • Lithium batteries must be in a safe charging-bag Lithium charging bags are cheap.

  • Food (except where it is in a sealed metal container)

  • Radioactive Materials

  • No live animals or perishable articles