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Individual Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

The Committee shall act on behalf of the Board of Directors to carry out, although not
exclusively, the following functions:-

1.1 to manage the physical and digital infrastructure of the space including but not limited
   to electrical and plumbing, access control, servers, networking and space;

1.2 to engage professional advice where required and, if necessary, make
   recommendations to the Board;

1.3 to create action plans for space improvement works;

1.4 to lead on the organising and management of Hack the Space Days;

1.5 to ensure proper compliance with current and new regulations

1.6 to establish tiger teams for short or long term projects

2. Membership

The Committee shall consist of no fewer than 3 Board Members and at least 3 other space

3. Frequency of meetings

The Committee shall meet 2 (two) times each year