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2016 11 03 Standup

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:09]


  • Attempted to run an event
  • Snackspace run
  • Created and filled in the consumables wiki page
  • Updated the laser materials page
  • Created a starting Safety in the Workspace doc, and worked through it with Fahad -


  • Work on the wiki more - planning on adding a 'craftspace' page that links to equipment, suppliers, etc
  • Get the Safety in the Workspace doc out to members
  • Look at replacing the bandsaw blade and the dremmel

Sticking Points:

  • Board need to look over the Safety in the Workspace doc before it's released to members

Kat Reeve, [03.11.16 20:14]


  • Posted rules and CoC to site
  • Onboarded members
  • updated Welcome letter and Leaving letter


  • process more membership
  • step down from board


  • nothing really to report

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:16]


  • Writing up list of shit what 'aint done for Maria
  • Emailed Maria about this, no joy on getting rent reduction, she does appear to be getting things done now though
  • Claims she never said she would build a kitchen. Tas and I think she did but we don't have it in writing so no joy :(
  • Figuring out what we need to keep on acidburn if we rebuild it
  • MQTT Broker
  • Unifi Controller
  • Gave Fahad safe access, for getting the passwords list and eventually money away maybe
  • Ordered laser tube - delivery tomorrow :D


  • Writing up how teams work document for wiki
  • LDAP Server
  • Take a photo of the rotting fire door and send it to Maria
  • Turning round doorframe so doors open outwards and fitting lock
  • Need an access thing for this - Might be able to hack together a working alfred
  • Task for somebody else
  • Open nominations for board elections on 4th
    • Voting opens 19th Nov, closes 3rd Dec
    • @BinaryKitten is standing down / for reelection
    • If nobody else wants to standing i will. If i'm standing i cant manage nominations / returning officer / etc.

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:21]


  • paid the rent
  • responded to emails
  • did some social media stuff


  • probably lots, I don't have access to my notes and can't brain right now


  • Board elections

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:22] @fluffybit

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:22] @thinkl33t: "Take a photo of the rotting fire door and send it to Maria" Fahad sent them to me, I then forgot to send them on.

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:23] Cool - its the back door not the one in the staircase yeah?

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:24] I've PMed them to you

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:25] Ah yeah they're the wrong photos - I spoke with fahad about it and he said he'd take more of the other door

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:26] Cool

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:26] (last night)

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:26] I'm glad you checked 'em

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:26] Lets assume Ben isn't available and continue with discussion

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:27] We need to know if he's staying/going/standing for re-election

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:30] OK then. If nobody else says before tomorrow they are standing down then i will.

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:30] sorted

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:30] We don't need to know if people want to re-stand until the 19th

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:30] I am happy to call the election

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:31] I stood down last year (I think)

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:31] Everyone except Kat stood last year iirc

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:31]

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:32] OK. So how are we going to do nominations - We've done 2 methods in the past: - Anyone can choose to stand - Anyone can be nominated by any other member, and must agree to stand

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:32] First I suggest

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:33] I wouldn't have stood if Kat hadn't nominated me.

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:33] (Yes, I'm Kat's fault)

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:33] [In reply to Tamarisk] Fair point

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:33] I prefer the latter personally

Kat Reeve, [03.11.16 20:33] [In reply to Tamarisk] don't regret it one bit

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:34] :)

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:34] Kat, first or second option??

Kat Reeve, [03.11.16 20:34] I think that 2nd is better

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:35] We'll go for the second option then.

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:35] Cool

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:35] Oh, i missed form my standup notes:

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:36] - Got insurance quote estimate of 330 - have emailed insurer to get actual quote

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:36] Oooh yeah, I got an insurance quote too. Cause it seemed a sensible thing to do

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:37] With the nomination option, board members can choose to re-stand without needing a nomination (as they've been nominated by being elected previously)

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:37] cool

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:37] OK, anything else to discuss?

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:38] nope

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:38] I'd like everyone to take some time to look over the 'Elf and Safety rules

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:38] over the next week maybe

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:38]

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:38] OK, shoot a link to the board@ email address so we have it somewhere obvious

Tamarisk, [03.11.16 20:38] @BinaryKitten can you make sure you've documented the stuff you do please?

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:38] Or that

Kat Reeve, [03.11.16 20:39] yup

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:39] Will also send it to board@

Chris Hilliard, [03.11.16 20:40] Done

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:41] OK, Closing meeting in 10 seconds, hammer the keyboard if theres anything else

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:41] 5

Bob Clough, [03.11.16 20:41] Meeting closed