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Consumables (VA)

Visual Arts Consumables

Item Preferred Supplier Notes
Whiteboard Markers
Design Jet 500 Ink Ebay Pack of 4 compataible required ink is about £10-£15
Design Jet Paper
Label for Printer
Sharps Bin
Cellotape Tape
Packing tape
Duct Tape
Electrical Tape
Double Sided Tape
Kapton Tpae
Masking Tape
Thin Hot Glue 9mm & Thick Hot Glue (11mm)
Scissors - Paper
Scissors - Fabric
PVA Glue 5L Bottle
Super Glue
UHU Glue
2 Part Expoy
Impact Cement
Acyrlic Weld
Staple Gun Staples
Glue Sticks flexible
Ironing Board Covers
3D Printer PLA
Laser Tube & Mirrors
Butcher Paper For Heatpress