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Box of Shame

The bin conveyor is hybrid of a lost property box, and a way to make sure donated items are actually disposed of when not being used.

Lost Property is put in THE BOX OF SHAME Donated items are put in the 3 Week Box Every Wednesday evening, the boxes are rotated down, and the contents of the 1 week box are binned. Some Example Stories about the Bin Conveyor

Lost Property

Hacker A Leaves an iPad charger on the central table. Hacker B, arriving the next morning, places this in THE BOX OF SHAME. Hacker A retrieves iPad charger when next in space. Hacker A feels shameful about leaving things out.

Bin that Shit

Hacker C is making a thing, decides to head home, and leaves a VERY IMPORTANT PIECE OF PLASTIC out in the kitchen, for no apparent reason. Long suffering Hacker B arrives, sighs loudly, and places the plastic item in THE BOX OF SHAME. Wednesday night appears, and Hacker C still has not reclaimed the SUPER IMPORTANT ITEM. The contents of THE BOX OF SHAME Is rotated down into the 3 Week box. Another Wednesday happens, the boxes are rotated again, and the MEGA AWESOME THING has made its way into the 2 Week box. Yet another Wednesday happens, again the boxes are rotated, and the PLASTIC LUMP OF DOOM is rotated into the 1 Week box. A week passes, the seasons change, everyone now has a beard for some reason. The MEGA IMPORTANT LUMP OF PLASTIC obviously wasn't that important, and is thrown away.

I'm donating this

Hacker D has a samoflange they think people in the space will be able to use for flibbling, and therefore must be donated to the space. Hacker D brings the samoflange, and places it in the 3 week box. Turns out nobody in the space actually flibbles, so the item is binned 3 weeks later. The samoflange is no longer taking up space in the hackspace.