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Reflow Oven



Note when plugging in the oven be aware that it uses around 6A so make sure it's not a socket strip with heaters plugged into

  • First turn on the oven using the Red switch at the back

Next we're going to select the Wave2 profile

  • Press F3 for Temp Wave Select
  • On the wave selection screen, press F1 to select Wave2
  • Press F4 for Ok to select the wave
  • If you accidently press F4 more than once it can sometimes toggle the display afterwards into Chinese mode, just press F4 in the main menu again to toggle back to English

Next to start the oven

  • Press F1 to start the oven at the selected wave
  • If you want to Abort / Stop the oven just hit S

Once the oven beeps this is an indication that it's finished, press the S button to stop the beeping

Finally once finished, wait for things to cool down and remember to Turn off the oven when finished

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