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NOTE: Italics signifies the status of an action or in the case of agenda items actions associated with the item at the end of the last board meeting.

Present: all

1. Approve minutes for last meeting


2. Departmental updates

Purchasing - BD/CH

  • BC - Get Trello to email when things are added to the list && set up as a way of adding things to the Trello list. Not yet done.

Infrastructure - BC/BD/TK

  • WALLS - looks like it will be HTSD (01-10)
  • CHAIRS - we should get rid of some of the worst wheely chairs since we have lots of chairs.
  • ELECTRIKERY - FS and CH writing a plan for fitting circuitry in the bits of space that don't currently have it. Once we have a list CH will be putting a shout out for anyone to donate the equipment that we need.
  • HACCESS - two units built neither works. Back in the testing phase.

Website - KR

It's still running. MCP - waiting for BC and TK to have time to hack on it until it's up to a state to be implemented. PayPal donate button to be added to site.

Membership - KR

62 active members.

Standardised emails creating

  • welcome
  • sorry to see you go

4. Update on actions from last meeting

Document how things work - all

Slowly splitting that off into department specific things which is making this task easier.

TK has started documenting how to deal with petty cash. KR has created standardised emails for dealing with common membership actions.


  • TK - Business cards - same style as cheep fliers but business card sized for ease of carrying. Also get more cheep fliers - done.
  • Bookmarks - BC to talk to previous designer.


Chem cabinet - all

Get for Space 3.0 - need walls first

Risk assessments - all

To be done next:

Remaining on the list: - angle grinder - chop saw - table saw - pillar drills - scroll saw - air tools

Bank account (Barclays) - BC/TK

  • last payment for current space will come out of co-op future payments will come from Barclays - DONE
  • talk to members who are paying by standing order and get them to transfer their payments to the new account - NOT COMPLETED
  • purchasing cards for account - DONE
  • transfer PayPal to the new account once it has money going into it BC to action
  • transfer PayPal to a useable email address and bring into use - BC
  • sort out online access for TK and KJ at minimum - TK done KJ not
  • BC setting up Barclays scrape thing that London Hackspace have written to automate standing order payments for membership and dump info into Wave every night - not done

Lone Worker Policy

  • We need posters in the space that let people know that if they use a tool they can seriously injure themselves with when they are on their own in the space they are breaking the terms of the insurance and hackspaces H&S Policy. NOT YET DONE

Wiki pages for tools


  • CH to create stub pages for tools that don't have proper pages STARTED
  • someone to create a "pages that need work" page on the wiki to guide people to places where we need to improve tool documentation. STARTED

Group memberships (to allow external groups to use our space) - CH

Designated person(s), designated time(s) - they're only allowed in during that period.

This would need to be implemented as part of the MCP (allowing all of the designated persons to have their own RFID on the system).

Local keyholder - do we need one? Who should it be?


To PPE or not to PPE - that is the question

We should supply basic PPE for all of the equipment that requires PPE and MUST encourage people to use it. We will also be encouraging people to acquire their own PPE if they're using machines on a regular basis. PPE should be checked on a regular basis - stock level and condition.

Any member found using substandard PPE must be notified, we will be implementing a consequence for using such in the new H&S rules. EG if a member is found using dangerous PPE on a piece of equipment having already been warned that their PPE is not fit for purpose they will have their access to that machine removed using the Haccess control system.

Any pledge drives or proposals for acquiring new equipment which requires PPE MUST include the basic PPE for that item.

Can we afford a new laser tube?

Yes. Potentially worth asking people to buy a chunk of laser time to fund the new tube.

What should we be stocking in consumables?

BC to design/manufacture laser cut money boxes for all the areas to encourage donations for stock items

Snackspace - toilet roll - blue roll - bleach - hand soap - NOT 99.9% bug killing - swarfega - toilet blob - henry bags - bin bags - Detol spray - Sponge scourers

Stationery/craft/tapes etc. - board markers - tape - duct, masking and sello - sharpie markers (black) - Stanley blades - scalpel blades - needles - white cotton - pins

Electronics - Resistors (common sizes) - Capacitors (common sizes) - LEDs - Pin-headers - Jumpers - Wire - Solder - Soldering iron bits - flux pens - tining compound - heat shrink - Ferric Chloride - Solder paste (cheep Chinese) - labels for the label maker

Workshop - drill bits - glass paper - mouse sander discs - dremmel bits - Acetone - IPA - Glues - wood, cyanoacrylate (super) - Lubes - 3in1, WD40, GT85 (if cheap) - scroll saw blades - junior hacksaw blades - coping saw blades - table saw blade

CNC - Laser cutter - mirrors and lenses - Router bits - 3mm upcut, 60 deg V bit, ball nose bit (if cheap)

PPE - Goggles - Masks - Ear defenders - Ear plugs (10p donation per pair) - Nitrile gloves S,M,L (donation per pair) - Grippy gloves - Leather gauntlets

THINGS TO SELL - laser ply 3mm A4 - bobins - pins - fake Arduino - bags of jumpers - breadboards

"Gold Members"

A way of thanking those members who put a lot of their time into the space and signifying those that new members can approach with queries.

Yes we think this is a good idea, needs a better name and a way of implementing it. To be moved to telegram chat.

Board elections

Will be in November, actual date to be figured out in standup.

Any other business

Pumpkin hackday

CH to link us to the things he wants approved and they will be discussed outside the meeting.

Events budget?

To be approved on an event by event basis.

Roadmap for the hackspace

  • braindump of plausible ideas for future development of the space - BC mainly.

Date of next meeting

Monthly "standup" on Telegram - first Thursday of the month Blog post detailing suggested method:

Next full meeting date to be figured out in the next standup.